NUC i710710U + linear power supply

Hi. Nope, still going. I had it previous to getting Roon and a NUC, so no idea really how much, if at all, an impact its made on the sound quality, but since it was being unused figured I’d use it. I’ve considered getting something bigger with more channels in order to consolidate power supplies, but for now it just runs so I’ll leave well enough alone. I also leave an LPS 1.2, a Teddy Pardo LPS, and a Sonore power supply running 24/7, as well as my Naim gear and Rendus. All have been good for years now.

I think the NUC doesn’t like the slow-start of this power supply.
Computers normally don’t like this kind of things.
One solution is adding a relay on the output that closes with a delay enough to the power supply get stable.

Okay Charles, good news. It seems that these devices are made for last. Hopefully I get the same luck.

Hi José, thanks for writing. Your thoughts seem to be quite accurate according what’s going on with all of this. I’m not confident enough with any technician to ask him make what you’re suggesting, but I take note about it. Many thanks.