NUC Messed up totally by 1.8

1.8 updated has messed up my NUC completely can’t even get the thing to boot up I’m not a computer expert and I don’t know what to do, Thanks ROON.

Are you able to connect a monitor or TV of some kind so you can see what’s happening during the boot?

As a last resort, you could go through the process of re-installing ROCK on the NUC. If you’ve done backups, you should be able to restore your library settings.

No software application should ever be able to harm an operating system, and an operating system should not be able to harm the hardware.

Updates often seem to be the culprit of failure of hardware, but in reality, they are just forcing a “reboot” that may cause previously unnoticed issues to come to the forefront. We find that failing SSDs often get “noticed” at boot time, and with an operating system like Roon OS which rarely reboots, you may go weeks with minor corruption before it becomes unusable. A reboot often causes it to stick out.

You haven’t provided any information on what is wrong with your boot, or how far you get into it, so no one can help resolve things. Looking at various LEDs and the HDMI output can help diagnose what went wrong.

Please provide additional information so we can help you figure things out, but be assured that Roon 1.8 had nothing to do with the lack of booting of your hardware or operating system.