NUC NAA x64 Image Error

@jussi_laako Getting these messages now when I boot my NUC NAA x64 image. Previously had been working for many months without issue. I don’t remember what version I had running before, but I wrote the newest image to the usb stick and it’s giving the exact same messages. Any help is appreciated!

You could try the “x64amd” version of HQPlayer OS for NAA functionality. Edit /etc/hostname to have “naa” as name or something else.

You can then disable unnecessary features from the boot with “systemctl stop hqplayerd ; systemctl disable hqplayer” and “systemctl stop hqpwv ; systemctl disable hqpwv”. This makes it more like the NAA image.

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I downloaded the image, and wrote it to the usb stick without modifications. Gives me the below. Is this a hardware issue?

Your CPU doesn’t have support for AVX2 instruction set that HQPlayer Embedded on the image is using. Just login as “root” and do “systemctl disable hqplayerd ; systemctl disable hqpwv” and then “reboot”. On next boot you won’t have that problem anymore and you have NAA only functionality.

I’m sorry Jussi, I am trying! That traps message pops up every 2 seconds, so I cannot get your commands into the terminal. I searched around and have not found anything yet. I’ll keep looking.

Never mind, I finally got it. Thank you so much for the help!

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I know it is disturbing to have those messages, but you can just keep on typing, it doesn’t interfere what you type.