NUC Recommendation for large library (300,000 tracks)

We’re currently using an intel i7 8th gen bases system with 16GB of ram but it seems to be locking up fairly frequently and it may be time of an upgrade. I’m considering the NUC12UTv9 Full with an i9-12900, 32GB of ram and a 512GB NVMe drive and running ROCK. This is not officially on the NUC list but realistically should there be any concerns with this setup from an acoustical or operational standpoint? Will the benefits of Roon & Intels collaboration be realized? I don’t know how much of the clock etc is motherboard/chipset based vs processor. We have 30,000 albums (~300,000 tracks) on a QNAP NVMe raid NAS.


Have you cleaned the fan assembly? Overheating protection will shut down the NUC without warning.

Presently, the only supported NUC are listed here:

Other models may work, but there is no official support. Browse the Tinkering category and search for MOCK to see if the model you’re considering works.

There is no fan in my current setup, It’s a wyred4sound MS1 and is passively cooled to keep it silent. I added an AC infinity fan below it and throttled all cores and it is no longer overheating but I think the damage may have been done. Started acting up since the 2.0 upgrade and I figured it just put it under too much stress. It’s been sent back for repairs once but it didnt solve the issue so now we’re looking to upgrade/replace.

OK so you’re implying that there is probably some integration with the chipset as well then? Obv. all processors would be the same so chipset/motherboard would be the changing factor.

ROCK has a custom Linux kernel, and only drivers for the supported Intel NUCs are included. An alternative model may work, but this isn’t guaranteed.

What’s more, I don’t believe the NUC12UT is a good choice since it has many cores, and I doubt that Roon will utilize all of them.

Why wouldn’t it? It certainly does on Qnap (linux) and on Windows version or Roon server … :roll_eyes:

The idea was that the i7-1260P in the most powerful approved nuc turbos to 4.7 while the 13900k can turbo to 5.8 . . cores aside that’s still a decent improvement.

fyi, “…can turbo to 5.8” that would also raise the temp of the cpu :wink:
If you want reliability, use the default settings.

You are showing audio analysis settings … a one-off process. For day-to-day use, you only need a few cores.

Possible - but the processing speed of each “core” is not the same in different generations of processors nor between different brands. Plus Intel NUCs use mobile processors.

I’m not sure what your point is, but for a library of 300,000 tracks, the i9-12900 is unnecessary, especially with a TDP of 150W. An i7-1165G7 would be able to do the job with additional memory, and this has a TDP of 15W.

I suggest that you raise a support thread and get the issue diagnosed first. The NUC spec you currently have should be able to handle your current library I think, but there are software issues with large libraries (and their folder organisations) that Roon are currently working to fix. Throwing more powerful hardware at it won’t fix an underlying software or system problem.

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I agree with @Anthony_B

I ran Roon on a i7 7700 , desktop, 16 Gb RAM on a library of 200k tracks with absolutely no problems, the audio files were on a HDD within the same PC

I would look to the NAS , how is it connected etc before spending out on hardware

I trimmed my library a bit to 140k tracks and that runs happily on a NUC 10i7 with 32 Gb RAM (admittedly 16 would suffice). A NUC is very compact and convenient but beware what processor you get.

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I think that there are quite a few users with that spec of NUC and similar or larger library sizes.
The OP has not provided any system or connectivity details. What exactly is ‘locking up’ and how is normal operation restored?

If I “enable” all my library it climbs to 200k tracks and still runs fine on the 10i7 NUC. ( I keep my big boxes out of Roon hence the increase in track count)

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