NUC-ROCK direct to PS Audio Directstream

Folks: I have an Intel NUC NUC7i5BNH (running ROCK) which has several HDMI ports.

I currently have my PS Audio Directstream DAC (with Bridge) attached to my network via the ethernet port on the Bridge.

I would like to try hooking my NUC directly to the Directstream (bypassing the Bridge). I have managed to do this using the USB ports on the NUC. However, I want to also try an HDMI (or is it I2S?) feed to the Directstream for comparison. I tried this but none of Roon’s HDMI-discovered Audio outputs seemed to work (i.e. see the DS).

If this is possible, will any of the NUC’s HDMI ports work? A specific one? Does the port need to be specially configured within Roon’s Audio setup?

p.s. I am also seeing an “ALC283 Analog” for the NUC with Roon Audio. I assume of no use since I need a digital feed for the DS.
p.p.s. I am also experimenting for the upcoming DS MKII which does not have a Bridge card option. Trying to avoid having to buy a streamer as well, but…

Thanks in advance, Dave

Electrically NOT compatible.

Do not connect NUC HDMI (audio/video) to DirectStream I2S ever. They are different things.

Moved thread.

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There are several, good streamers out there at bargain prices. Watch some of Darko’s recent videos. For example, 2022's BEST VALUE Spotify & Apple Music streamer? - YouTube

However, why would you want to use a streamer? The Directstream 2 has an Ethernet connection so surely it has streamer functionality built in?

DirectStream mkII does have ethernet port for updates only , no streaming capability.

On the other side, it’s inputs (and mainly USB) are much better isolated in mII so if the NUC fan is non-issue you can connect ROCK direct via USB until (if) you buy network streamer in future.

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