NUC/ROCK upgrades and/or tweaks

I came looking for some users advice on possible upgrades or tweaks to improve my NUC/ROCK listening experience. Or to compare notes. I didn’t see anything specific, so I’ll start a new thread.

After a week of listening and trying a few different configurations, I have settled on the following…

NUC > Curious USB > SOtM tx-USBultra > Curious USB > Chord 2Qute

Previously, I had the sMS-200 (now for sale) in between the NUC and tx-USBultra for a short time, with my NUC serving up tunes from my Synology NAS. I had the NUC and NAS connected to a switch in one room, which in turn connected to a Velop mesh router (node 1). In my listening room, I had Velop satellelite (node 2) connected directly to the sMS-200, which fed the 2Qute directly. Then I introduced the tx-USBultra, going back and forth with the sMS-200 in the chain. I ultimately decided that I preferred a direct connection from my NUC to tx-USBultra. I have also upgraded power supplies. I have an Sbooster powering the NUC, which was a shocking improvement…seriously shocking. I also have a Wyred4Sound PS-1 powering both the 2Qute and the tx-USBultra.

Ps. The tx-USBultra is on loan from a friend, but will be ordered shortly and have a permanent spot next to my NUC.


what do you mean by a shocking improvement,i have heard good reviews about the sbooster with other products.

Shocking! I was very skeptical. But every time I put money into a better power supply, I end up stunned at the improvements. The Sbooster provides a clearer fix on performer/instrument location, much blacker background. Music has an inky slickness to it now. A couple times during a Prince track I was listening to, he picks at his guitar. With the Sbooster it startled me each time…in a good way. The same track on the stock power supply lacked emotion and I didn’t respond to the same guitar pick. Money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

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This my DIY NUC 19 volt power supply, as you say a Shocking!!! upgrade

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I’m looking at adding an SBooster power supply to my 7i3BNH NUC running Rock. I wondered what model did you buy?

I ask since the NUC states an power supply in the 12 - 19V.


i think guerph is in the best position to answer your question,ive not set my i7 nuc up at the moment.

Apologies my query was meant for guelph and not you Gary,

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I use this one

thanks for the information

I’ve received the above Sbooster power supply and it’s really good. I use it with my NUC 7i3

I’m not good at describing sound (but echo the guerph’s comment) but in my very modest (and old) system it made a big difference. If your system is even half decent then you will notice a big difference (Albeit the usual disclaimer: YYMV). I can now turn my amp up more since the background is so much quieter.

[NUC 7i3 (ROCK) --> SOtM sMS-200 (+Uptone LPS-1) --> Singxer F1 (usb to spdif) --> Audiolab 8000 Dac (25 years old) --> Trends Audio 10.1 Integrated Amp --> Kef 103/4 speakers]

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I’m wondering if running an SSD in the NUC for storage would have any benefit vs from a NAS.
I mean the m.2 SSD for ROCK OS and another 2.5 SSD for the files. Have any of you tried that to see if there is a difference? I will try it myself soon…

BTW: I am just getting into the ROCK side of ROON. will be putting my NUC together as soon a s the memory catches up with the rest of my NUC order… :slight_smile:

Hi all, I am running Rock on an Intel NUCi37BNH. Does anyone know the NUC’s power requirement?

Intel’s website says: DC Input Voltage Supported 12-19 VDC, what about amperage? I am hoping I can find a dual output LPS for my DAC which has a 12V 4-6A requirement, and this NUC.


Answering my own question, the NUC has a 19V 3.43A marked on its belly.

Any suggestion on a dual output LPS is appreciated, ie, 12V 4 - 6A and 19V 4A.


I run mine from an HDPlex LPS.

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A NUC will run at any voltage between 12v and 19v so you could have a dual 12v output. It needs to have a minimum power rating ideally more than your music server. This is worked out using the TDP of the processor plus storage devices plus USB devices. In my case I have a NUC5i5MYBE board in a silent case so
M.2. 5W
USB devices x2 3W each
This is a total of 31 watts or a little under 3 amps. Anything 3 amps and over will be just fine, and if you don’t connect via USB then even better.

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wow great info., very useful, thanks.

Is there any reason NOT to attach a USB 2.5 drive to a NUC7i3, sonic or electrical wise?

Adding an internal spinning drive might be too hot for the fanless enclosure, a 2T SSD drive is not exactly cheap. I would like to use a 2TB 2.5" USB3 drive for main storage, while using an existing NAS as backup.

Any comments or experience sharing welcome.

There is no reason why not but these things were designed to take an internal drive so try it and if it is louder (more fan noise) get an enclosure.

I run ROCK on a NUC6i5SYH and have installed an internal 2TB HDD for my music library (which is not huge), and I backup to a 2.5" 2TB USB HDD drive (in a caddy) attached to the NUC. I run the NUC 24/7 and have no issue with fan noise, or heat. As far as “sonics” go, I certainly can not complain about the SQ of my system when compared to my original system which utilised a Wyred4Sound Music Server as source.

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how do we feel about this device efor upgrading the power supply of an IntelNUC? Pros/Cons?: TeddyNUC - Power Supply for Intel NUC (Roon Rock, Roon Nucleus, Asrock Beebox etc) - Teddy Pardo Audio