NUC Rugged Chassis Element Make ROCK

It is highly recommended that ROON Labs add the NUC Rugged Chassis Element to the official support catalog. It is perfect and transcends Nucleus. Since its BIOS is different from that of ordinary household UNC, official support is required.
Because it has the following advantages.

  1. Cast aluminum casing, no fan,
  2. Better motherboard, EMI is definitely better than the regular version of NUC (good in the eyes of audiophiles)

This device is 4 years old, has a TDP of only 15W and is marked as discontinued.

This is absolutely sufficient, as Nucleus runs around 10w for a long time. This chassis is compatible with the NUC 12 computing unit,

As I said in the other thread that you posted in, I think that there’s little chance that Roon Labs will add the NUC Elements range to their list of supported Intel NUCs.

No harm in asking, of course, but I think you should prepare to be disappointed.

I would be very grateful if you could convey it to the Roon Lab team.
Because this chassis is designed for 24*7, there is nothing more suitable than it being a Roon core server.

I’ll move this whole thread across to the Feedback category of the forum. The Roon Labs team read all the posts in that category.

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