NUC running ROCK: do we need to care about BIOS updates?

I’m running ROCK on a NUC7i7BNH for over 18 months now.
I see there have been several BIOS updates since.
Do we need to update the BIOS or is that taken care of by the ROCK updates?

This may help…

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These instructions are for the initial installation of ROCK if I’m not mistaken. I’m wondering if we need to install BIOS updates once ROCK is up and running.

I don’t think its really necessary, though having said that, I’ve just updated mine to BN0078, and didn’t notice any difference- the release notes had something about energy star compliance.

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No need, unless you want to do it…

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Don’t if you’re not experiencing an issue that you have reasons to believe it’ll be fixed by a BIOS update.

BIOS update is always risky. In the worst case you’ll kill the motherboard even if you do all the steps correctly. This actually happened to my coworker.

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I didn’t update my NUC BIOS when I installed ROCK, no problems.

However, all NUCs that I’ve had run a utility in the background that will notify about and optionally update components, i.e. BIOS, drivers, etc.

When I get nudged I update as a matter of course, with no problems, even in the case of BIOS updates.

I must admit I never look at the Bios once I am up and running. I don’t think there is any point unless I have an issue that needs fixing.