Nuc running ROCK won't boot after last update

Anyone else have issues after the last update. Mine won’t even display any video. Suggestions?

No issues with mine after the last update.

from power on? you don’t even see bios Intel logo?

I do not even see the bios screen. I hear the hard drive spin up and then nothing. Could just be a hardware problem, but it’s an odd coincidence it happened right after I installed the update last night.

No BIOS logo means its not software.

It may feel that way, but updates reboot the system, which can make you notice when other things are broken.

The fact that the drive spins up is a good sign about power – maybe check to see if the box is clean and dust free, no dead mice inside, etc…

Also, try to re-seat RAM/SSD and unplug cables and replug them in. If you have stuff attached, like external drives or USB DACs, unplug them and try booting.

Try booting up with no SSD installed. Maybe your SSD is being funny.

Anyway, lots of ideas up above. Try stuff…

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Thanks man, I’ll dig in.

So it all just started working again today on it’s own. Gnomes!

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