Nuc SSD speed... PCIe needed?

Ok… so I am a computer newbie trying to play around with nuc and rock, ended up learning something new everyday.

So for selecting my m.2 ssd for nuc to install ROCK, i understand that 64g or 128g is more than enough size. Just learned today that m.2 has 2 types, sata3 and pcie and pcie is supposed to be almost 2 times faster than sata3.

Unfortunately ssd I ordered is sata3. So the question is How much does it matter when running ROCK? Are there going to be alot of reading and writing activity going on from the roon core? or it doesn’t really matter?

Please help! Thanx

You should be fine so unless you have a no questions asked return option and the price is not to different I wouldn’t worry. you might find the smaller size SSD’s in M2 PCIe NVMe hard to get tho…the smallest I could buy in Singapore was 256Gb and that was last year!!!

I got the cheapest I could find. 128Gb Sata3 only, WD green. The NUC can start in seconds, and runs quickly. Never had a problem. Can write files at very high speeds (done more than 200Gb/s many times). I doubt you need m.2. I have m.2 as my gaming PC operating system disk only just because it’s Windows (slowest OS one can get…).

Also, get the smallest you can. the ROCK OS and the database are very small.

I hope this helps.

Thank you all for the input. So the conclusion here would that I do nothing and wait for the sata3 ssd to arrive. cool~

I asked a similar question elsewhere on the forum and Danny from Roon said there was neglibile difference to be gained from PCIE over SATA in regards to running ROCK, so just get the cheapest SSD.

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