NUC Storage question on ROCK

I started on this topic, but it was closed, and I thought all was well. Here’s the situation. A friend of mine helped configure a Simply Nuc nuc: I7 fanless box 128gb M.2 drive, 16 gb ram, 4 tb ssd internal drive.
I copied over the small amount of ripped cd’s that I had on a WD NAS.
The path has been rock/ data/storage/internalStorage. I ripped about 20 more cd’s using a combo of XLD and DB Poweramp to a temporary folder then copied these flac files to internal storage. I now have about 7 gb of ripped music. When I go to Settings this is what I see and I am confused. There has been no change in the amount of storage that shows available.
I posted screen shots.
Have I done something incorrect in setup? Music plays fine.It’s just I don’t understand why there wouldn’t be any change in the “System Settings” screen.

7GB is .175% of 4 TB so it makes sense that you see no change.
Wait till you get a few hundred gig on there, the you will start to see a slight change.
In the mean time, enjoy the music.
It works and the music plays…that is what maters.

OK, a little more math for you, if you put about 40 or so gig on the NUC you should see about a 1% drop in your storage. :slight_smile:

Ack!!! My Engineer is showing, I will put it away now. :tumbler_glass::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::tumbler_glass:

I understand the math. What I do not understand is “100% of 3697 available”. Same exact number as when I started. Shouldn’t the space decrease by a gigabyte or so. Each cd that I have ripped is approximately 250 mb , and I have ripped about 15 cd’s since converting to ROCK.

Because it only shows in one percentile increments, so you need to get to 40gb on a 4tb disc to see a change. It was just explained to you above.

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it says 100% OF 3697 GB available. The 3697 should never change just the % value.

Here’s a screen shot of what mine says from a 500 GB drive:

So 66% of 462 is about 305GB available (462 x .66 = 304.92)…gotta do math to know what space is left or how much space you are using. 462 - 305 = 157 GB used…

It will always say XX% of 462 GB…

Clear now?

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Clear. Thanks so much for your help.

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Nice bike. I think the ride idea is the best thing I’ve read all day.

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