Nuc temperature

Is it possible to add an item in the setup section displaying the current temperatures?

This has been asked before and the answer is always no. I know as I have asked too.

I run a Fanless NUC chassis and the best advise I can offer is run a fan nearby onto the NUC area and this helps tremendously when adding new music and analysis is being done. FYI I run the same NUC but the i7 option and suffer more than you do with heat in these periods with a fanless design using i7BNH.

Ensure the cooling fins by the cpu fan aren’t clogged.

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Yes if I recall correctly the fan fins area on the back of the NUC are input and output so a good burst of compressed air (air duster can) in one side should blow out the dust that does accumulate over time.

Thanks. After reading lots of postst on the net, i disassembled the nuc (dangerous) and the fan was clean


I am thinking of an akas fanless casing

Im using the Akasa Plato X7. I think it was back then which when I got it there was some caution about its usability for an i7 model but I have had no issues.

You didn’t say whether you were running ROCK or RoonServer on top of Linux or Windows. I assume the former (in which case, the rest of what I have to say is irrelevant).

But, if you were running RoonServer on Linux, then netdata would be a solution for real-time monitoring of (many, many things, including the) temperature of your NUC.

Here’s the temperature of my (fanless) Roon Core machine, when playing music from Qobuz:


Sorry for the inconvenience. Using Rock

Hi. Jacques
That’s great. I run Roon Rock on a NUC7i3. How do you load the netdata and run rock at the same time


Alas, you don’t.

If you’re running Roonserver atop some other (any other) Linux distro, installing/running netdata is a one-liner:

bash <(curl -Ss

If you’re running ROCK, I don’t know how you’d even get a shell.

If you want to run software like netdata then use a normal Linux distro. Rock is locked down.

Great software ! I use it to check my Netgear ReadyNAS. Very easy to install

You just need to access Root. For me on my NAS this is the way I install it because Linux is somehow not accessible from the NAS web interface.

I don’t know about ROCK but you could try a software name Putty (terminal)

You need to input the ip address of the ROCK in putty.

Give it a try since I don’t use ROCK on my recently NUC and I decide to use my Roon core on the NUC with Windows 10 (Roon server only) installation.

So I don’t have problem monitoring my NUC CPU and other hardware because their is plenty of windows software for checking this.

Running a Roon Core on Windows 10 is great and I think buy using the Roon ROCK we missed all the extra features that Windows offer. (Kodi, etc.)

My NUC is a NUC8i3 with 16 gb RAM, SSD, HD. I can run 4 x DSD256 on 4 endpoints and at the same time a movie on Kodi without a glitch. You can’t do this with ROCK.

I got a bit out of the discussion but you could try Putty.
if it’s not working then you will need to install Linux

Putty will not work for a ROCK as the service is locked down and will not let you in. Putty will work for a NAS that is running Linux, I putty into NAS all the time. And I too use a Netgear ReadyNAS. In fact, I got RoonServer running on a ReadyNAS. I posed a thread on the steps awhile ago.