Nuc to up sample for Roon DSD512 playback

I am trying to help a friend, does anyone run a NUC or Brix with a intel i7-7567u (or similar) CPU and can you upsample using ONLY roon DSP to DSD512 rates? The intel Nuc model number is Nuc7i7BNH, I don’t have the brix model #. Also is noise an issue?

Yes it’s fine upsampling to 512 but your dac must support it under Linux if it’s using usb on the NUC or what I do is use a windows based Roon Bridge endpoint with Asio drivers that supports my oppo sonica dac at 512.

Using the NUC7i7BNH

You can also install Windows on the NUC to employ your ASIO drivers.

Thank you Oz and Henry, The Nuc would have Win 10 pro installed and probably run to a modded singxer SU-1 for DSD512 duties to the dac via I2S. So @wizardofoz what is the processing speed # (in Roon’s signal path) on your nuc when up sampling to DSD512?

Typically around 2x

Impressive, My i7-6700K does the same, around 2 (with no convolution). So I see you have one step at 44 to 352, 5 band of EQ then 352 to 22M6. is all this heavy lifting being done in the Nuc? Wow this machine can do it just fine.