Nuc with Rock and SotM Endpoint

Is it possible to make a direct WLan connection between the NUC and the Sotm Endpoint without a router?

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Hi Jaspar,

i am looking for a solution where i can connect my remotes on the ethernet ports and the SotM by a WiFi connection but without access point. Is this Possible?



Sorry Christian I don’t really understand your request. I only connect to my SOtm by ethernet, never by WiFI. I can perhaps help you.

I guessing you are say as way of an example:

Remote 1: iMac (connected by an ethernet cable not wifi)
Remote 2: Windows 10 (connected by an ethernet cable not wifi)

SotM: Has an Wifi antenna attached to back USB port (and Remotes 1 & 2, connect to the SoTM by WiFi)

Is that correct example of your use case?


Hi Jaspal,
what i want do archive is: i have an ipad on WiFi connected to a router… this is connected to the NUC with ROCK. and the NUC is conected to the SotM with a point to point connection without a router.

my feeling is, that the SotM plays better on a WiFi connection and because i don’t want to “fire” all the streaming over my normal network i would like to seperate it.

Thanks and greetings


No, you need a router as the wireless access point at a minimum. I’m not sure about the SotM, but ROCK does not support adhoc mode for wifi. I’d be surprised if the SotM did either.