NUC7i3 vs NUC6i5

Is it safe to assume that the latest NUC7i3 selling for $299 would be a “better buy” for ROCK than the NUC6i5 which has dropped to $299?

Don’t think so: Passmark cpu Mark i5-6260U=4364 & i3-7100U=3930

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I’m really looking forward to getting some insight into what you can achieve — in terms of number of zones, DSP, etc. — with what NUC, and also what other hardware might work with ROCK.

You guys buying the hardware now are very brave. :slight_smile:

I’d got with an i5 over the i3 right now. The generation bumps are minor improvements.

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Impatient, anxious, like kids waiting for Xmas … yes, but brave?!

Over the years I’ve accumulated a certain amount of experience buying hardware (e.g., a very early Leica digital point-and-shoot) and software (Who remembers WordPerfect for Mac? No?) that turns out to be not what I’d hoped. This has made me more timid, and I consider those who jump right into the breach to be more brave. Carry on. I’ll be back here with the wagons and camp followers.

Understandably each person has their own perspective. Mine is that a NUCs hardware cost is trivial for this hobby. To pay a manufacturer to develop, build and sell a hardware / software solution like ROCK would be exponentially more costly.

Should I change course and stop using ROON, resale value on used NUCs is pretty solid. Low risk, high reward is my assessment.