NUC7i3BNH random blinking ... no apparent sequence [Answered]

Just installed a NUC with 2 sticks of Crucial 4GB Ram and a Samsung SSD 250GB m.2 drive. Install went smoothly and the ROCK is working. The NUC is blinking in a random fashion…one blink then, say, 6 seconds, a couple of blinks then 3 seconds, a blink then 10 seconds, etc…nothing than appears to conform to the error codes listed in the INTEL Article ID 000005854. I’m baffled. Does the NUC blink when doing disc access or other system work? Anyone have a similar condition?


You can set the power button led and ring led to do what you like to see including colors and brightness in the bios settings

looked around in the bios but didn’t see the link but will check again. What are these blinks showing? do they simply indicate system activity?

You also choose in the bios what they are showing.

Many thanks for your post…BIOS had set the ring light to indicate HD access. Following your advice, accused the BIOS and now the ring is only indicating power on.

Cheers, Warren