Nuc7i5BNH won't power on after connecting USB CD rive


I tried connecting a USB CD drive to my NUC, thinking I’d try the cd ripping feature. The NUC shut down and now won’t power on.

  • I’ve connected a screen; there is no output.
  • I’ve looked at the mainboard, and there is no sign of any light.
  • I’ve connected headphones and no beep code. There is some earth hum, so I’m guessing power is good.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Assuming the NUC is dead, would the NUC8i3BEH, be the logical replacement? I don’t see an i5 NUC listed at, and the i7 NUC is quite a bit more expensive.


wow, cdrom destroyed your nuc! did you have external power to that cdrom? that’s some bad power luck :frowning:

NUC8i3BEH is a hotter running replacement, but will work fine… NUC8i5BEH is probably more equivalent in terms of performance.

Yes, the CD drive has a wall-wart style power supply. It’s probably a coincidence, but the NUC seems dead.

I’ve moved Roon onto my (QNAP) NAS, which is working but is less responsive and is reporting quite a high CPU load. I’ve also now remembered what month it is and so assuming no one from the community can help resurrect the NUC, I’ll look for a NUC8i5BEH around the 29th. Maybe my luck will improve and I’ll find a bargain.

Assuming that your broken NUC is still under warranty you could get a replacement from Intel.

  • Unplug all peripherals, all USB stuff, and unplug the power.
  • Visually inspect the USB connectors and cables to see anything bent, shorted, or melted inside
  • Plug in the power (but not any USB stuff) and retry to see if any LED comes on
  • If that does not work, check this out and clear CMOS
  • If you were using a front USB port, it probably has a header going into the motherboard, disconnect it and retry
  • Check the warranty
  • If you need to purchase a new unit, get a NUC8i5BEH
  • You also need to consider the possibility of your USB CD drive and/or its associated cable killing the next PC you connect them to

Thanks everyone.
Tried the suggestions and Intel advice with no change. Completely forgot about warranty so have contacted Intel and will see what they have to say.


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