NUC7I5DNHE with DNi50067 BIOS

I was exploring switching my NUC from Ubuntu Server (19.04 currently) to ROCK to decrease my software maintenance burden. I first installed the latest BIOS as specified in the ROCK installation instructions. However, when trying to set up legacy boot with visual BIOS, it does not show my internal M.2 drive as a possible boot drive (it shows it for UEFI). I don’t know what to do next. Ubuntu Server works with these BIOS in default configuration, BTW.

I have seen computer systems that will not let you change to legacy boot if the existing boot drive is UEFI. In order to get around this, you would need to delete all boot records from the drive using a third party tool. Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether this would allow you to move to Legacy boot until you try it, and this would render the existing drive unusable with Ubuntu unless you reloaded it.

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Just a blue sky thought that plays on the above post.

Leave your machine open and disconnect the M.2.
Boot up with USB stick that has ROCK.
Once the machine has reached some sort of boot state, reinstall the M.2.
Proceed with ROCK install.

Probably won’t be able to find the M.2, but you can’t hurt anything and it might make a difference.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, but I think I’ll just stick with Ubuntu Server for now. Taking apart my pre-assembled fanless NUC box is not appetizing relative to listening to some new music on my latest headphone setup (Eddie Current Aficionado with Psvane ACME 2A3 tubes > ZMF Verité Closed) :wink:

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