NUC8 End of Life - what’s next?

Intel has announced that NUC8’s are now end of life. If one were to build a NUC in the near future which NUC model should they now consider? While I realize that NUC8’s will remain in the pipeline for a while it still seems crazy imho to purchase an eol version.

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My NUC 8 i7 will arrive in a couple of hours. It’s still a machine that is more than fast enough for Roon. I had it running on a NUC 5 i5 and that also worked very well.

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End of life means they aren’t being made anymore. They will continue to be available to buy until they are gone, and they remain supported in so much as they will come with guarantees. Use it as an opportunity to grab a bargain!

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Thank you for the replies.

Perhaps my query needed to be phrased differently. I was inquiring more along the lines of perhaps Roon needs to update their approved NUC list and certify newer models (those after the eol NUC8) as Roon Ready.

Be warned that on NUC10, at this moment, ROCK does not support its on-board Ethernet.

You need to choose between an EOL product that works, or a new product that does not work (without a USB to Ethernet adapter), or wait for ROCK support to be added to the latter, or use Windows instead of ROCK.

I am curious as to what ROON is doing with the Nucleus? If the NUC8 is EOL I would imagine the same with the NUC7 which is currently in the Nucleus.

The NUC6CAYH is a 4-core Celeron based NUC that is not supported by Roon ROCK as far as wireless, but it does have its own M.2 Intel Wireless card. I use it in an endpoint-only configuration with a ROCK OS install. It does not have Roon ROCK wireless support with its default internal Wireless M.2 card, but it is a simple change out to another internal M.2 card that is supported by Roon ROCK ($14.50 on Amazon) that does achieve full wireless support with Roon ROCK (even though I don’t use my slightly modified NUC6CAYH endpoint wirelessly); but, it works faultlessly as an Ethernet-connected endpoint. You imply that you can’t get the same for a NUC10 without an external USB wireless dongle, but has anyone tried to do a simple change-out to an internal M.2 wireless card that is already supported by Roon ROCK? Admittedly, I haven’t looked at the internals of the 10th generation NUCs, but if they are similar to their predecessors, that may be all that is needed. Just wonderin’ . . .