Nucleus and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

I have an APC Sinewave Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that I bought to protect my computer. Any reason I should/shouldn’t plug my Nucleus into it as well? The Nucleus is currently plugged into a PS Audio Surge Protector.

There is no ups client in the nucleus that I know of but it won’t hurt. Mostly runs in ram but I’ve lost power on rock plenty of times and not had any issues.

I have my Nuc/Rock plunged into a UPS along with the rest of the A/V equipment. Had a power outage last week. I was listing to music with the TV going and was not aware the power had gone out. My wife came in and said something was beeping. It was the UPS alert that the power was out and the battery backup power was being used. I shutdown the TV and sound system to conserve power and the Nuc stayed powered up for several hours until the power came back.

That was stressful worrying about the food in the fridge/freezers spoiling with the current situation and difficulties getting the food. I had been thinking about a whole house backup for some time and this instance prompted me to start the ball rolling. It’s going to cost $19,900.00 for the 27KW 2.4L - 4 cylinder - liquid cooled - propane fueled system with automatic switching control and a storage task large enough to last 16 days between fuel deliveries. I consider this Insurance for the inevitable.

Guess I’ll have to wait awhile for any more sound system upgrades.

nope… i do it!

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In addition to proving protection for your equipment, having the Roon core machine on a ups along with the network equipment, and a battery powered speaker system comes in handy during a power outage. Worked for me a week or so back when we had an outage that lasted over 2 hours. Outages from sever storms or hurricanes can last for awhile and have Roon available during those times is nice to have for as long as the backup power lasts.

Is there any circuit protection originally installed inside Nucleus?