Nucleus as a streamer

Who has used Nucleus as a streamer when connected to the USB on a DAC.
What is your results

The Nucleus would not be a streamer in this case. It would be playing to the DAC directly.

I use my Nucleus to stream Tidal and Qobuz. It is not connected by USB, but is connected by both ethernet and HDMI. I can detect no difference in SQ. It’s great either way. I suspect USB would be great also, but IDK.

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In the case above. I only listen to Tidal ( some Amazon HD that is not compatible with Roon ) I am using a Vinnie Rossi L2i with a builtin DAC which has USB imput

Very good results. With my Devialet Expert 140 Pro, the Roon Nucleus connected to the Devialet DAC via USB sounds better than via Ethernet.

I am curious whether it’s possible to connect a Rotel Michi P5 pre-amplifier DAC to a Roon Nucleus via USB, and what the results are…?

My Nucleus was originally connected to various DACs through USB and it sounded great. Recently I’ve added Raspberry Pi as endpoint so Nucleus is connected by ethernet. Still sounds great. I don’t notice a difference in sound quality between USB and ethernet. YMMV.

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Why would it not be a streamer in this case?

Maybe because there is no streamer?

It is used as a streamer Tidal and Qobuz, as well as for local files, on the built-in 4 TB SSD. The Nucleus+ is connected to the Luxman USB input directly. Used USB filter AQ JitterBug and USB wire Oyaide Continental 5S. The sound is very good.

My Nucleus goes directly into my Anthem MRX720 via HDMI. Works great except every few days I have to reboot the Nucleus when it decides not to talk to the Anthem via HDMI. Not quite sure what’s going on here.


Until very recently, I used my Nucleus direct into my Chord M Scaler/TT2 stack. It sounded great, and I couldn’t fault it.

However, I recently inserted a Stack Audio LINK between the Nucleus and the Chord stack. The SA Link is a network-connected endpoint now, feeding the Chord DAC via USB rather than the Nucleus.
To my surprise, there is an improvement on simply connecting the Nucleus via USB. I wish I could say there wasn’t (or rather my bank-balance says that!), but there is. Music via the LINK is just an improvement. Not massive, and YMMV depending on your system. But I can hear it.


If it’s playing files from the internet into a DAC, it’s a streamer.

I think we’re talking semantics here.

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That’s was I was going to say, but I mean, what else would you call it?

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I don’t know, but it works great streaming Tidal and Qobuz to all my Roon devices.

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use nucleus+ (samsung 2tb ssd) with accuphase e-650 + dac 50 via usb with dynaudio confidence 20 for about 2 years now (streaming qobuz), no technical problems, sound absolutely satisfactory for me. however, i had no tries at other streamers.

If you look at the context of the original post, the OP was talking about the “streamer” as being the Roon Endpoint which is network-based device that is streaming the content from the Core. He was not talking about “streaming” in the sense that you stream from Tidal or Qobuz. He wanted to know about sound quality when the Roon Core was delivering content to the DAC directly. So, in that context, there was no “streaming” involved.

But whatever…


but whatever…, the main thing is that it works, the main thing is that i can listen to my music in high quality, greetings

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I use my nucleus USB into a Vinnie Rossa integrated DAC therefore avoiding a streamer. Must say I really enjoy the sound and of course makes the nucleus more reasonably priced as no streamer is needed.

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