Nucleus: close to DAC or in another room? Which is better?

Should I install my new Nucleus right by my Pre/DAC on my equipment rack, or in the room where I have access to the internet. The cat 6 run is about 50 feet to the music room. Either way I need to run the 50 feet of cat cable to the music room. Is it better to have it close to the DAC?

Only reason it might need to be close to the DAC is if you are connecting the DAC directly to the Nucelus via USB (or HDMI if using an AV receiver). If the DAC has its own network streamer, then you do not need them in proximity, and most people put their Core close to where their Internet router is for convenience. And to keep any noise it might make out of their listening rooms (though the Nucleus is fanless, so shouldn’t make much noise itself – but many devices acting as a Core do have fans).

There have been reports of people complaining about what appears to be coil whine… Having that near my listening position would drive me mad…


Nucleus local to router, wired ethernet; wireless to endpoint?

I don’t know what would be considered best. I have a dedicated media closet with my entertainment system components, network equipment and the NUC located there. All wired to the router. Added a 8 port switch and ran Ethernet cables to the endpoint locations.

As other’s have mentioned fan noise can be an issue but I don’t notice any with all the equipment in the closet with active cooling.

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies.
I have an ethernet switch at my audio rack for my TiVo/TV, I could connect the Nucleus to my network there or leave it in my office where I get internet access . Just wondering if the Audio Quality from the Nucleus would be better if nearer to the DAC. No fan in the Nucleus its dead quite.

No. Absolutely no difference. The only reason you might see a SQ difference is if you use wireless and have wireless dropouts. But that’s a different kind of SQ hit…

I’ll leave it in the office where it is.
It’s working fine, love the software, Roon radio, speed and my system sounds real fine.
Thanks again.

Try it. Just give it a whirl.