Nucleus+: Different dynamic ranges with internal SSD vs NAS

I’m a pretty new Roon user, currently running a Nucleus+ as my Core with a Linn digital streamer and enjoying it all very much. I’ve had my music stored on a NAS (QNAP) but am trying out an internal SSD in the Nucleus in the search for best possible sound quality. The jury’s currently out on whether it does (my main amp is up on bricks awaiting a replacement valve and I’m using a less resolving backup one), but something I have noticed is that albums often display a different dynamic range according to whether they’re in the NAS or the SSD, as below:

In this case it’s lower in the SSD, but that’s not always so.

Anyone more technical than me tell me what might be going on? I copied the files from the NAS to the SSD so it’s not a different rip…


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Roon shows a running tally for album dynamic range – even while audio analysis is in progress. Have you confirmed that Roon has completed analysis of all tracks across both album locations?


Interesting, thank you. I haven’t confirmed that. How would I do so?

Hi Josh,

Which of the two methods did you find better sounding?



Hi Mike, I’m coming to the end of a fairly long session of going back and forth. There’s not much in it to be honest, and it’s felt like a bit of a ‘Pepsi Challenge’. The SSD has a slightly lighter presentation than the NAS (possibly quieter - I’m not measuring volume, just keeping it at the same numeric level on the pre-amp). At first I didn’t care for it, but it’s grown on me. It’s fairly easy (for me!) to forget which one I’m listening to, and when I found myself getting lost in the music and then looking up what my source was more often than not it was the SSD. The lightness of it seems to let a bit more detail come through and it’s less ‘in your face’ than the NAS somehow. I think this will be even more the case when I switch back in my big valve amp.

AJ, I think that’s what’s happening. The SSD often doesn’t show a DR figure and then later does, and when I look at the individual track file data, when there is DR it’s the same across both sources. Thanks man.

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Hey Josh thank you for the detailed feedback!

Is the SSD inside the Nucleus?



Yes it is.