Nucleus direct to H390?

Hi, I was in my local audio shop this week and they were adamant that the best way to use my Nucleus with my H390 was a direct connection. The Nucleus manual (and my longstanding understanding) states that the Nucleus connects to the router, making audio available over the network to endpoints like my H390. Is there a better, direct connection? Hoping someone can clarify!

You can do both and see which your prefer.

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@ethelthefrog, you are correct. The Nucleus must be connected to your local network, via Ethernet, to either the router or a switch that connects to the router. Likewise, the H390 should be connected to the network in the same way.

A direct Ethernet connection will not work. However, USB from the Nucleus to Hegel would work.

Thanks to you both. Any sq benefit to making the direct connection?

Not sure if any sq benefit but I usually advise to try both options and see which you prefer…If you can even tell a difference.

If both are already connected to your Ethernet, that method save’s one more cable connection in my view .