Nucleus File System - Migrating from QNAP

I just installed a 8TB Samsung Internal SSD into my Nucleus, it was a breeze to install. I used the web based interface to format the drive and it took seconds to format.

I then proceeded to copy terabytes of data from my QNAP to the SSD one folder at a time. Most folders are huge at over 1TB,

I am getting many errors to multiple files seemingly related to file system mis-match, some complaining about upper/lower case file names, and some about source files not found.

For the initial round I used the internal QNAP FILE MANAGER to copy and are left with many files not copied. I then proceeded a second round with “Carbon Copy Cloner” and that seemed to filled in most of the rest but still some files were skipped. I then had to scan the error logs and copied back the missing files/folders individually with the Mac GUI.

Overall I am sure there are still some files not able to transfer across.

Does anyone know what file system is used for the Nucleus? Can it support other files systems formatted externally? if so, what file systems does it support? And what is the best file systems to use for compatibility and reliability?

I really would recommend to use Robocopy on Windows or RSync on Mac to perform file management. QNAP File Station is really slow and cumbersome…

I doesn’t matter what file system is on the internal drive as long as it can handle desired code tables and copying is done over the network.
(It is Ext4FS by the way, not changeable)

Oh, and do not forget to Stop Roon Server while performing the copy, as it will interfere and make a slight mess of identification…

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Thanks for the advice. I will try RSync as I use Mac. Would you recommend a GUI based RSync shell? I assume a good interface would keep a log or review?

Also, any idea why many of the files were not copied across from QNAP or CCC?

Very difficult to say… There might might be code table discrepancies that the differing flavors of Linux cannot handle? Network issues seems like the most probable reason though?

Anyways, if you get acquainted with RSync/Robocopy both are excellent as periodic maintenance scripts. They can build logs of course, verbose or lite…
Be careful though, both CAN be destructive! :slight_smile:

Externally, it can support exFAT and some others.