Nucleus hdmi and usb output

This is the hdmi output and the signal path, though no hdmi cable is connected as I do not have an endpoint to receive it.

Same album, both fed by Qobuz, this time fed via usb to the dac embedded in my Hegel H160 amp.
My question is , why the different output qualities?
Can someone explain this please?

Hi Alex,

In the second screenshot it looks like you have additional DSP options enabled (speaker distance). When you enable these additional DSP options Roon needs to convert the bit depth and perform additional processing, so you are seeing this happen in the Signal Path. You can read more about signal path in our KB article.


Thanks for replying. I will try that again, but experimented earlier today and it seemed to make no difference.

So I tried what you suggested but to no avail

I would say that the Hegel is reporting it only supported 16 bit. Is is usb audio 2 compliant. It may be the usb drivers for linux are not optimised. As the nucleus is Linux it will go with default usb settings. Are you able to change any settings in the device setup menu? It might be limiting it to 16 bit in there try changing it.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, which device? The Hegel, i have no idea how i might do that.
Can you help any further please?

Hi @alex_wood,

Try right-clicking the “Nucleus + Hegel USB” zone in the bottom right -> Device Setup -> Advanced and post a screenshot. There should be a way to switch “Max Bits Per Sample” there.


Thats the capture, but no max bits sample opportunity

Unplug the jukebox, do yourself a favour.


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That music has got no taste
Try another flavour…

Looks like the nucleus does not support the DAC in the Hegel as it’s not showing any of the settings it should, does the Hegel have Linux support for usb?

“The USB connector found on Hegel amplifiers and digital to analogue converters opens a whole new world for music and movie lovers. This functionality allows you to easily connect your Hegel product to any computer with a reasonably new Windows or Mac Os operating system installed. The most common Linux systems will also work. The Hegel USB technology is actually a computer sound card, or audio controller if you like. With the Hegel product connected, all sounds usually played through your computer will now be played through the Hegel. This means that, unlike let’s say a music streamer, a Hegel DAC will not only play your music files, but also any sounds that come out of the computer, including Youtube videos or Skype chats.”

This is what I found

But it doesn’t say if Linux is USB Audio 2 or not. Either way the Nucleus either doesn’t have a driver for it or the Hegel has limited USB audio support under Linux. This is one for support to comment on then I think.

Thanks Simon, support is what I’m looking for here, cheers anyway

Hello @alex_wood,

Can you check your Settings -> Audio Tab? There should be 3 HDMI devices and 2 USB ones, please try to disable the one you are currently playing to and give the other one a try.


Thank you Norris, i will try this tomorrow evening.

In fact ive just done that now, hoorah, it worked. Now why didnt i twig that, great help.
Success at last.

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