Nucleus Internal Storage Back-up Question

Hello, My Nucleus has a Samsung 870 QVO Solid State Drive, 8 TB Storage Capacity, 2.5 inch installed. All my new music files are now saving to this SSD. What’s the easiest way/process to back these files up? Can it be automated?. I have a QNAP NAS with plenty of storage available. Thanks

Easy, just write a script to mirror the drive. I use a combination of robocopy and wget to copy to my NAS and cloud storage. The script just launches every time I boot my PC. There may be some backup software out there you can use as well, I know my QNAP NAS has all sorts of applications that can run on it.

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I use a program called SyncBack Pro , it Mirrors discs and copies by difference ie it copies ONLY files that have been changed.

It can be set up on a Schedule , I haven’t used that feature , I just do a manual sync after adding stuff.

If you are adding just a few albums sync takes literally a few minutes

I expect there are dozens of similar programs but this one just works and is relatively inexpensive.

I use this software as well, and I highly recommend it too.

I just also need to ask if it is possible to use Roon to schedule the back up my music from the internal Nucleus SSD to my NAS? I may have misunderstood something here and welcome the help. Thanks

No, it only backs up the settings / database. Not the music stored on the internal drive.