Nucleus - is there a procedure to power it off?

New Nucleus and newbie here. Been using a laptop, but very happy with my purchase of the Nucleus from a dealer last weekend!

I have had some very high end DACs and headphone amps thru the yrs, but ordered a Project Pre Box S2 today to play with and compare. I have a Dragonfly blue plugged in right now for kicks and it’s not too bad!

2 questions:

I have the Nucleus connected to a Furman conditioner but if I decide to turn it off, is there a procedure or do I just push the power button?

Also how do I register the warranty?

Tnx so much,

No idea about the warranty but to power down just press and release the button and it will shut down gracefully after a few moments.

You can also use the browser interface which has a power switch symbol at the top right of the screen.
Click on this and choose the power off option.
Saves reaching round the back of the Nucleus to power off.

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