Nucleus location, what are my limitations with USB cables?

My new Nucleus is placed next to my system rack, on a small coffee table. The USB DAC has replaced the Node 2 on the top shelf of the rack.
The Nucleus looks a bit naff :smiley: on the coffee table, so I’m trying to think where else I could place it. I did wonder about getting some kind of turntable floating shelf, above the system rack? Or, could it go inside the oak unit next to the left speaker? (Please see photo) Cable wise, am I restricted on the length of the USB cable, before it affects the SQ?

Where have you placed your Nucleus?

Yes. But the affect on SQ is that it will be fine until it just drops off a cliff and is gone. USB doesn’t support cables longer than 5m. There are “active” cables that allow you to go farther, but these are not officially recognized or certified by the USB consortium. If you need distance, you really should look into using Ethernet to a network streamer.

Thank you. The distance should be no more than 2.5m.

Would putting the Nucleus in the cupboard of the unit shown in the photo be Ok, or does it need ventilation.?

Maybe someone else can answer that. As a passively cooled device, my assumption is it needs some ventilation. But I don’t personally own one.

The Nucleus does get slightly warm to the touch in use, so it does need some air around it to cool.
It would probably be OK in a large cupboard though.

Thanks Martin. I was thinking about inside the unit shown in the photo.