Nucleus+ network hookup help

I just got my Roon nucleus plus. Not sure how to hook it up. I do have directions but I assumed it would just substitute out my Apple laptop. It’s not the same. My Apple goes to my qnap(NAS) and PS Audio direct steam DAC with bridge. The directions say not to do that and just go to router. Any advise on hook up?
I have Qnap, PS audio direct stream, router, Krell preamp and mono blocks, Wilson Audio Sasha’s.
Thank you!!!

@Duane_Arens You might want to start in the KB pages. Here are some links… Nucleus is a ROCK like deployment.

Key is backing up your previous database and restoring onto the Nucleus.

@wizardofoz – I think Duane was asking about physical connections, not about Roon stuff.

@Duane_Arens – your dealer should be setting this up for you, but if you just connect the Nucleus+ to your network (your router will be fine), then it should just appear as a Roon Core on your network. Follow the guides in the Nucleus Manual linked above by @wizardofoz for Roon/Nucleus setup.

Can I ask which dealer sold you the Nucleus+?

World wide stereo sold it to me. Nice guys. I have not called them yet. Just thought I would try the blog. I will call them.

I live in Minneapolis MN, I didn’t fine anyone in Minnesota who sold the nucleus so I found World Wide stereo on the internet. I would do business with them again!

Thanks for feedback! And yes I was looking for physical connections.

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