Nucleus not ripping automatically from USB CD drive

I also have a Nucleus+ with 2 TB SSD internal drive (formatted ok) and want to connect a USB CD drive to rip directly to the internal drive in Nucleus. I connected the drive, but nothing happened. Not sure what else I need to do. Help?

I am also unsure of what “setup” I need to do within Roon before I start.

((removed incorrect information)) Remember, if you want to get that rip out of Roon WITH all the metadata, you will need to export it.

An Apple CD/DVD is know not to work I believe. what drive are you using and does it show up in the web GUI?

Support for an Apple Superdrive was included in November 2019.

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Er, no, you don’t need to do this. Just putting the disc in the drive should initiate the operation.

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Export? Not sure what you mean, could you explain?

I’m not sure how to start the rip from the UI either. Here is a picture of what I get when I go to the UI. I don’t find anything that lets me start a rip.

It’s not an Apple. It’s a Verbatim CD/DVD read/write external drive.

I wonder whether you’ve been bitten by a known bug. Try disconnecting the drive, reboot the Nucleus and then reconnect the drive again. If the bug is cleared, then putting a CD in the drive will start the ripping process automatically. The bug may return after ripping a few CDs, in which case you’ll need to follow the steps above again.

For info, here’s info on the bug (which is being worked on):


It was the USB cable, ugh. When I replaced the cable between the Nucleus and the external drive, the ripping happeded automatically as it should and the ripping status showed up on the webbase UI.
So yes, ripping does happen automatically now and it works as I would want it to using FLAC format etc…

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