Nucleus+ not up to it?

I just expanded my library to 16,000 albums, 200,000 tracks

My system is slow slow slow. Slow to boot up, slow to fill in Radio, both on iPAD Pro and MBP. It was tolerable with half the library size but now it’s just painfully slow

What is curious is my Nucleus+ is not even warm to the touch. Its been this way from day one. I thought it would scale up as needed but the temps indicate otherwise. IR temps on heatsink are 80 degrees F.

It appears Roon might be ultra conservative with their software implementation or maybe I have a under preforming Nucleus+ ?

Anyone else have this experience

Well, 200k tracks is going to take a while to start up RoonServer’s database no matter what system you have. Are you saying the Nucleus+ itself is slow to boot or just RoonServer? You can tell when Nucleus+ is up by going to the web ui.

What does “slow to fill in radio” mean? are you saying that when you hit thumbs up/down, it takes time to compute the next track? how much time?

What else are you experiencing that is slow, and can you tell me approximate times and what your expectation is?

Additionally, I’d verify if you are still importing (spinner in the upper right) – that is a very expensive operation and for 200k tracks could take a while.

Roon server
Seconds instead of almost instantaneous
Spinner: give me a little credit Danny…

Startup is going to take a while no matter what. That’s a lot of tracks and this is an appliance that isn’t meant to be turned off.

We can look into the radio thing by asking your system for logs.

Is there anything else besides those two things that is slow?

What kind of system where you’re running before and how many tracks?

I don’t turn Nucleus+ off, ever…so to be clear its when I turn my end points on that is slow. I’m thinking the Roon server is choking. BTW, I just tried an i7 W10 machine as an end point, same deal so its not just an Apple thing. Also have been experiencing random periodic loss of music, 5 seconds or so. This is while playing a track, not changing one or changing resolution.

Same system, 80,000 tracks

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System just locked up had to reboot Roon server. Never had that happen before…

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