Nucleus or Plus?

Hi, all. I’m in the market for a Roon Nucleus, not sure whether to get the basic unit or spend 1000$ extra for the plus model. Your thoughts are most welcome. Thx

The difference would be

  1. How big is your total library currently and projected in the next few years
  2. How many endpoints would you be playing to at the same time
  3. How much and what type of DSP would you be planning on using?
    1. Upsampling from what to what
    2. Using Convolution?

Don’t overlook the option of buying and building a NUC ROCK. Your savings run about $1,000 vis a vis the Nucleus (before subtracting the value of your time) . For me, that was worth the venture, and the experience was quite easy. And BTW, the ROCK is virtually equivalent to the Nuclei, particularly when it comes to sound quality.

Just a thought.


LOL, since it takes me less than 8 minutes to build one, that is a fantastic time/money saved ratio.

But, not everyone is as comfortable working with computers. And for those that just want a set it and forget it, the nucleus is a great option.