Nucleus + Plex setup

Can anyone tell me if is it possible to combine Roon Nuclear with a hard drive that can be read from, say, plex for streaming ripped movies? I would love nucleus but dont want to run alongside a seperate NAS for movies

Super easy to do. Just create new shared volumes for your Music on the same NAS that is running Plex. Point Nucleus storage folder to the share. I assume you are running SMB on your NAS?

Um, I think DelPrado is looking to do it precisely the opposite way round… I’m not sure that the Plex server can handle a network folder shared from a Nucleus? It might be possible with Emby, but I’ve not tried it…

I misunderstood what he was asking then.

Sorry bout that.

Only when it is possible to mount the nucleus share as a drive on the PLEX server machine.

I have the internal storage of Roon ROCK mounted on my Windows 10 Pro laptop so can be done, with some effort because of SMB v1 and anonymous guest account.

I wrote a post on this just this past week. Synchonicity.

I mount my Rock storage on my Qnap for backing it up so Plex could access it if I want it to on the same NAS. I read this as the OP wants to run Plex on the Nucleus which obviously can’t be done.

@Rugby Just read your post. I did not get error messages, just couldn’t map the share on my laptop.