Nucleus + Pro-Ject S2 skipping tracks rapidly

Hi Support…

I’m seeing exactly the same symptoms and have been talking to SS over email (see linked topic).

Seeing it with Tidal Streaming, Internal Storage and files over network stored on a NAS.

Simple setup up here. Windows PC & Nucleus+ with Pro-Ject Maia DS attached acting as a DAC.
Also tested with Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital (MQA testing).
Reset Database, flattened internal storage, running latest FW/OS etc
Same symptoms after about one to two hours.
Video of File Skipping

@David_Brown – he is having an issue with the Oppo behaving badly with Linux, so this is totally different issue for you. Let’s not confuse the two together.

As you are using the Pro-Ject S2 and others are having success wit that device, I’ll need to look at your logs.

Can you tell me the account that was logged in, since that Nucleus+ is not associated with your account.

Hi, It will have to wait until tuesday as it’s a unit back from a dealer and I’ve unauthorised it as I’m still trying to debug a rock issue at home at the moment. SS did tell me to setup another test account but didn’t have time to do that before I left the office on Friday.

The OP’s symptoms 1 & 2 were exactly what I’m seeing on my dealers unit.

Those symptoms just mean “failure to play”. The cause can be many many things. Anything in Roon’s signal path could be a culprit.

Cool, it was tested with a Pro-Ject Maia DS, but we’ve got a shelf full of Pre Box S2 Digitals on hand, so I’ll try one of those attached on Tuesday.