Nucleus+ real time scanning NAS for content

I am a new owner of a Nucleus+ but have been a Roon user for several years. I recently changed my Core from my MacPro to the newly acquired N+. My library (192k+ tracks) is stored on a Synology NAS. All units are ethernet connected to my network, nothing is WiFi.
I have noticed since I moved the Core to the N+ Roon no longer finds new files as I add them but instead requires a forced rescan to add.
Any ideas?

Real-time watching of remote content is unreliable. It might work for some but it just doesn’t for others. If your NAS is setup to support SMB versions < 3.0 only, then real-time watching isn’t even available and a regular re-scan (I think every 4 hours is the default; go to Settings|Storage and use the 3-dots menu to check/change the settings on your watched folder) is used in stead. If I understand the post above correctly, then this regular re-scan is also used even when real-time watching is available – because it’s unreliable. So your options are:

  • If real-time watching isn’t available in your current setup, you can try to enable SMB v3 support on your NAS and see if it works for you
  • Wait until the regular re-scan finds your files
  • Do a manual re-scan if you don’t want to wait
  • Add an external USB drive or an internal hard disk that holds your library to your Nucleus+ and use the NAS to hold a backup

This as well as questions about how to transfer the library and other related question were already discussed here on the forum in-depth. You can use the forum search to find the related threads.

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