Hello Roon community;

I received today my new Rev B NUCLEUS. When unboxing i heard a small noise coming from inside the “Beast”.

I dismounted the lower face and discovered two black screw Moving freely. Maybe dropped during transportation To France.

Did someone experienced that ? And these screw (1,5 cm) ? what for ?

Thanks in advance.

Mine had one loose screw floating around inside. I have no idea where it came from or where it belongs, so I threw it in bucket of screws. I was also missing one of the four screws that attaches the SSD, but it was a different size. I just used the three screws and didn’t worry about it. It’s not going anywhere. QC is not the greatest evidently.

Thanks Jim,

Maybe the “floating” screw may be used to fix the superior face, mine is moving, but no impact upon Sound Quality :slight_smile:


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I never throw screws or nuts away that I find around the house. Has to come from somewhere. Sooner or later I’ll find where it goes.

Could those be the ones supplied for the possibility of adding an internal Sata drive?

No, they came in a small plastic pouch. Received 3 of 4, one was missing. I actually didn’t throw it away. Just threw it in a container full of screws. It’s possible the lose screw got dropped or fell in there during the manufacturing process and is not something that belongs there.

Yes, this is correct.

Hi Danny,

EUREKA I found.

There is one fixation inside the box at each corner, In fact two fixations were missing (just 2 holes).
Now these two “floating” screws returned to their natural place :slight_smile: And as a consequence the upper face does not move anymore.

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