Nucleus+, Rose RS-150 & Anthem AVM70

Hello to everyone,
New on this forum and without Roon Nucleus+ experience.
My brand new Roon Nucleus+ is arriving on the next few days and I wish to prepare the “environment” for it in my HT.
I have a preamplifier from Anthem, the AVM70, and a streamer from Rose, the RS-150.
For some reason I can’t technically explain, all my tests are going to one direction: the listening is definitively better when the music source is connected through the Rose RS150 and not directly to the AVM70.
At present my Roon Core is a Mac Mini. If I connect the HDMI out of the Mac mini directly to the AVM70, the sound is fantastic, but if I stream the sound from the Mac mini to the AVM70 via the Rose RS-150 the sound is incredibly much better, not only fantastic but “celestial”, wonderful.
Now, the question:
Which is your suggestion regarding the new - incoming - configuration ?
The Mac mini in few days will be replaced with the Roon Nucleus+ (I will also add a 4TB SSD in it).
Do you suggest to implement the chain Nucleus → RS150 → AVM70 ? or…
A second question: I have a Keces P8 12VDC with plenty of available Amperes (8 available, just 2.5 used): the Roon Nucleus+ will work fine with the 12VDC 5.5A ? or is it necessary to add a 19 VDC power supply (stating that it is necessary to replace the one that comes with the Nucleus+)
Third question: an iPad 10.5" is a good choice to control the Roon ? or do you suggest an other tablet/remote ?
Thanks in advance for the answers

Just replace the Mac Mini in the chain and connect the Nucleus to the Rose. Or, try it both ways with the Nucleus as an experiment. In any case, you are just subbing the Nucleus (which is a computer) for your other computer.

Roon does not recommend changing out the power at all, and I would double check to make sure that doing so isn’t voiding a warranty.

I find any large enough tablet works as a dedicated controller, including those Amazon fire ones which go on super sale during the holidays. However, I prefer and use Samsung tablets.

Thanks for the reply !
I did’t realize that just changing the power supply should void the warranty.
In this case I - for sure - use the Roon Nucleus+ own power supply.
Thanks for the Amazon Fire/Samsung suggestion as Roon display.

Hi Giuseppe,

I said it might and you should check with Roon directly. I am a fellow user like you, not, official Support. I’m pinging support so that they might see this thread and engage. @support.

And, lots of people love Apple, so you can’t go wrong using an Apple display either. Again, there is no one correct answer.

Hey @Giuseppe_Biondo,

We would recommend using the power supply provided with the Nucleus. Using a wrong power supply could damage the board, and such occurrences are in fact not covered by our warranty. A short excerpt from our Limited Warranty for Roon Labs Nucleus and Nucleus+ that you might already have:

this Limited Warranty does NOT cover:

  • errors resulting from incorporation or combination of the Product into or with any other product, service, or system;

If you need a new power supply, it can be purchased from our store.

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Happy to ear this…
By using the power supply provided with the Nucleus will allow me to spare at least 650 Euro, that is, the price of a Keces P8 @ 19 VDC I am looking at.
My Roon Nucleus+ will arrive at my home in the next few days. just order it today, here in Italy.

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The following is something I do not yet understand:
My End-Point is a Rose RS-150. It is a Roon Ready device.
The music can be reproduced via Ethernet connection, even without HDMI connection.
In this moment the HDMI out from the Mac mini is connected directly to the preamplifier, an AVM70 from Anthem.
So, the question is: when the Nucleus+ will be at home, should I connect the HDMI out from the nucleus to the End-Point Rose RS150 or to the preamplifier AVM70 ?
Just a little confused…

Hey @Giuseppe_Biondo!

Congratulations on your upcoming Nucleus arrival! We’re certain that you’re going to love what you hear when you’ve incorporated it into your system.

Sound quality questions are difficult for us to answer because these decisions often come down to how we appreciate and perceive music. These aesthetics are usually very personal impressions.

We generally recommend that you let your ears and tastes lead the way. Try a few things and see what sounds best to you in your space. If you run into any problems we’re always happy to help you through them.

Happy listening!! :loud_sound:

Generally speaking, if you listen to multichannel music on a surround setup, you’ll likely need to use the HDMI output.

If you only listen to stereo music, using a stereo Roon Ready endpoint over Ethernet is preferred.

Thanks for the suggestion.
My new Nucleus+ just arrived few hours ago at my home. Installed in few minutes, replaced the 1TB HD with Samsung QVO 860 4TB SSD
In this moment the core is migrating my library from the HD of the Mac Mini to the Nucleus + internal SSD.

Listened just four Pink Floyd/Roger Waters songs:

  1. Deja vue
  2. Terminal frost
  3. Wish yo were here
  4. A saucerfull of secrets
    And wow!!!
    I don’t know if it is self- suggestion, but the sound has changed. I can ear details never listened (sorry for my simple and italic-english…).
    These few songs tell me that this upgrade is a big step forward in sound quality for my HT.
    I have connected the HDMI out to one of the preamplifer inputs of the Anthem AVM70 and the Rose RS150 via EtherRegen from UpTone Audio.

At the moment I can ear only from the Rose, not yet from the AVM70 (HDMI)
Which HDMI cable should I connect?
Mine is a Viablue 2.0