Nucleus SMB Share: Connect as a GUEST or Registered User?

Hello everyone. New to Nucleus, did all install, migrated music on self contained SSD drive, and can connect via app from my iPAD and via IP web in my browser. Everything is going fine!

My question though… From my MAC currently I see the NUCLEUS on my Network and I can connect via Finder, it defaults as me connecting as a GUEST. I have an option to connect also as a REGISTERED USER but was asks me for Name and Password which of course I do not know/remember.
QUESTION: Is there an advantage to connect as a registered user instead of guest and if so where do I get the name and password? :slight_smile:

I know this is not an emergency but I hope someone can enlighten me. BTW: Love my Nucleus!

use guest – there are no accounts for the SMB network share.

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