Nucleus Specification

Hi - I am looking at buying a standard Nucleus - I had been put off by the Intel i3 - but I am now told the Nucleus comes with an i5 (vs the i7 in the Plus). I know Roon don’t want to issue detailed specs - that’s not what the Nucleus is about - but can anyone confirm the i5 use please? Many thanks Chris

If you want to run RoonOS, why not just put together an i5 Intel NUC? That way you know what you are getting, this also includes your choice of OS drive and memory.

Hi Chris, Nucleus is i3 or i7. Roon certainly haven’t announced any plans to change that as far as I’m aware. As suggested above you could build a machine to do what you want with your preferred i5 processor but that depends on your skill and the will to do it. A modern (gen 7 and above) i3 is fine for the task, possessing almost identical performance to a gen 5 i5 as an example. I wouldn’t worry about the i3 as a choice. As long as you have no intention of lots of hard DSP and your collection is ‘normal’, a few hundred CD’s, you should be fine.