Nucleus to DAC Connection via USB C port issue [Answered - Thunderbolt port not currently supported]

The Nucleus will not see the USB C port where my Wadia 121 DAC is connected.

It is not clear to me what operating system the Wadia DAC uses, but it does have a USB B input which is wired to the Nucleus.

The USB-C port on the Nucleus is currently not supported. The docs should mention this somewhere.

Page 1 of the manual

Thunderbolt port
Currently not active. May become active in a future firmware update.

I guess not everyone will associate Thunderbolt and USB-C as one an the same connector.

So if the USB C port is not active, where/what must you use yo connect the DAC? My DAC has 5 different inputs, but not Ethernet or HDMI.

Use one of the USB ports on the Nucleus. A traditional USB-A to USB-B cable should do the trick. Something like this:

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