Nucleus to Hegel H95 USB DAC

I would like to use a Roon Nucleus as a core and streamer into a Hegel H95 USB DAC. Is this a good idea? Will it work ok?

A quick bit of web reading suggests that the H95 won’t work as a Roon endpoint. It’s not clear if there’s a workaround.

That’s surprising, I’d have assumed that the USB connection would have been ok for the OP as it mentions Linux support. If not, the easiest workaround would be to use a networked RPi with Ropieee and a USB connection to the DAC, or one of the many RPi streamer solutions (e.g. Allo DigiOne) if it’s also not supported by Ropieee.

It should absolutely be fine - the Nucleus is acting as the endpoint here, rather than the Hegel. I do the same into a H190 with an Innuos Zen mini Mk2 as a Core.

Yep that seems to be the consensus, thanks for your expertise. Hopefully a lift in SQ over Airplay, which I am also experiencing with the Audiolab 6000CDT inputed via coaxial.