Nucleus to Nucleus +

I have a Roon Nucleus. Is it possible to upgrade the hardware to convert to a Nucleus +?

No. The difference is the processor (i7 vs. i3) which is hard soldered to the board. Why do you want to do it? Has your record collection grown?

I was tempted to start running more DSP and was wondering if I start to hit the limits how hard it will be to upgrade.

It would need to be a new machine unfortunately. That said, the Nucleus should be able to do quite a lot. It might surprise you!

I agree. I have a basic Nucleus running Volume Leveling, Upsampling to DSD256, Parametric EQ, and Headroom Adjustment, and still get a Processing Speed of 3.3X.

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Excellent! I won’t worry about things unless I have problems. Haha

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