Nucleus+ up-sampling performance

Curious as to who is upsampling to DSD512 on their Nucleus/Nucleus+, and what types of processing speeds they are seeing. I am upsampling everything to DSD512 in a single zone, with headroom management the only other DSP option enabled. I was seeing 1.4 processing speed with the Nucleus, and after upgrading to the Nucleus+, am only seeing 2.1x processing speed. I would have thought the delta would be a bit higher going from the i3 in the Nucleus to the i7 in the Nucleus+. Below are my settings…

That’s about right. I have a Dell Alienware gaming PC as my Roon core and I get similar values with DSD upsampling. The machine is capable of using all HQP filters (well expect 1) so is no slouch.

I don’t think the numbers for processing speed are linear.


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Yup I agree, this is roughly what I would expect @Scott_Rose.

I used to get a consistent processing speed of 2.1x also when upsampling to DSD512 but when Roon 1.5(build 354 I think) kicked in the speed dropped to a consistent 1.7. Good news is that the performance doesn’t seem to have been affected, no playback stutters or stops. So I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same and if it should be a concern.