Nucleus updates?

Under Settings/About I see I have Roon version 1.5 build 363 for the Core Nucleus.
Under Settings/Setup/Configure I can see my Nucleus uses version 1.0 build159.
I guess the first one is the Roon server software and the second one the Nucleus firmware?

For the second one(probably the firmware):
Is that the latest version and how can I update it or does it autoupdate?
When I click on the IP address all I can do there is reinstall without knowing if there’s a new version or not.
If the only way is to reinstall, how do I know if there’s a new version?
And will reinstalling harm my data or library in any way?

Build 159 is the latest version of the Roon OS. I think it will update automatically, just like Roon, but software releases are always announced in the Software Release Notes category of the forum:

Ah, ok, clear, thank you!
Watching the Software Release Notes thread now.

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