Nucleus + USB Digital Out; MQA Capabilities

Hello if I use the USB audio out from nucleus, is the renderer nucleus or the connected dac?

Hello is this correct?

Please stop making new threads about the same question.

What do you mean by “renderer” ? Are you asking about MQA settings ? If so, Roon will usually set itself up to pass through MQA to a DAC capable of the last unfold.

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Hello. Im sorry to put it in double,i made something wrong. Yes,i dont know whats the right settinh on mqa. Many thanks

Roon will configure itself by default to a good setting. You only need to change the MQA setting if you want to override the default for some reason.

See the MQA Capabilities article here.. Let us know if you have a particular query after reading it.

Edit: The option selected in your screenshot is “No MQA Support”. This is referring to the Oppo, not the Nucleus. See this post by John of Roon Labs: