Nucleus via HDMI or Ethernet?

Recently, I have been using Nucleus as a streamer - via USB - and it works great - I wonder if I buy a DENON AVC-X4700H receiver and connect to it via HDMI - will I not lose the sound quality? will i still be able to use multi-channel DSD files? on the other hand, the device is Roon tested - so there is probably no reason to connect it with AV over HDMI if it can work in a network over Ethernet? what experience do you have in these matters? when does it sound better?

I use a Nucleus to stream my music (internal SSD) and from Qobuz to a variety of devices.
2 Anthem AVRs via HDMI (should be within a reasonable distance to keep the HDMI cable costs down, also putting one through a solid wall means drilling rather a large hole). Via HDMi works or me even when the AVR is not Roon Ready.
One of the Anthems can also be fed from an Oppo 105D, the Oppo has a USB feed from the Nucleus. Again the Oppo is not Roon Ready as far as I know but it is recognised by the Nucleus and it works.
I also have a Raspberry Pi3b with a HiFiBerry DAC2HD hat connected via ethernet to the Nucleus and RCA to an Arcam A19 with wall mounted speakers. This is Roon Ready.
I play music to all these outputs at different times and HDMI, USB and ethernet all sound very good to me.
Multi channel output depends on the capability of the end point used.

Will a dealer let you trial a Denon AVC-X4700H with a return if not suitable?

Don’t expect the Nuclues to play DSD over HDMI to the Denon. It will play multi-channel PCM but not DSD via HDMI. I have a X8500H and ran into that. Also I think the denon only works via Airplay over the network.