Nucleus vs Mac Mini 2


I am new to Roon, I bought a new Mac Mini 2 that will be arriving soon. I also ordered a Nucleus, does that Nucleus have any advantage over just running Roon server on the Mac Mini? Connection issues or when Mac OS is updated do3s it cause any problems with Roon Server on Mac OS?

I want a stable experience and not be trouble shooting every week.

Both will be fine device’s.
Personally I run Roon Rock on a £500 Intel Nuc and love the fact that it just sits and runs on its own device never getting in the way of my Mac Mini or my windows PCs.

If you decide to keep both the Nucleus will just sit and run silently and you can use your Mac Mini to control it and shut it off when not using it. If you decide to return the Nucleus then the Mac Mini would make a great Roon server. Ideally I would run it in Roon server mode so that the server part is broken away from the client control part, this seems too make 6more reliable on MAC.

You have plenty of good choices ahead of you.


I run Roon Server on a m1 mini from November 2022. All stable and easy. Roon is using under 3% while osx maximum 4%. (the only hiccup was until I found out the mini has to be on and not going to sleep)

The only connections issues I’ve seen reported are from people that use Ventura for roon and also for osx output. Like they use Roon and after that they use the same connected dac for watching YouTube or other apps from the Ventura.


I’m running Roon on a headless mac mini m1 running Ventura. I also have Plex running on the same M1. Not a single problem.

I also use ARC - all good as far as the mac mini is concerned.

Most roon endpoints are a PI w/DAC. I also have the mini’s aux to my whole home matrix audio as a second feed (if the pi is in use).

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Ok, great thank you all for the replies. I have several PC’s and an Mac Mini, think I am going to send the Nucleus back and keep the new Mac Mini and use it mainly for Roon since most of my work is done on Microsoft PC’s.