Nucleus was hung, had to power cycle

Nucleus crashed hard today, didn’t respond on the web interface, didn’t recover, had to power cycle the box.

I was playing Tidal over the network to my Meridian rig as usual. Stopped in the middle of a track.

When it “crashed hard”, did it turn off or was the LED still on in the back?

LED was on.

Btw, this has happened a few times. Communicated to Eric.

Btw, I recently moved to static IP to see if it would solve my problems.
I had other failures, with Roon crashing but the OS remaining live.

Let me know if you want me to go back to DHCP, but it seems unrelated.

Looking at your system’s logs, I’m seeing a lot of network issues in the last couple of weeks.

Are things a bit more stable since static ip?

Just been a few days, can’t tell.
What kind of network issues?
My environment works fine, other than the Roon issues, so I have not noticed.

just lots of disconnects… microrendu disconnects and roon remote disconnects

Yeah. Networking is the bane of our existence. Even with Eero.

I once noticed sensitivity to placement of the Eero node, even though Eero reports five bars. I can try moving it again. Don’t know if any debugging or logging tools for eero.

That said, even if networking is the root cause, neither Roon nor the OS should crash.