Nucleus! when can we expect the first deliveries?

When ?
I saw the renderings in a German HiFi magazine , the unit looks cool, when can we expect the first batch?

Coming soon…

Any new information on availability?

I’m from Italy. should i wait for nucleus for eternity?
Or should I buy an Aurender n10?

Anxiously waiting on Roon to make the Nucleus available so I can get a Chromebook and finally ditch my PC, which currently acts as my Roon Core, for good!

I connect to my job remotely every day, so having a typical PC isn’t a requirement. There has also been confirmation over on the Bluesound forums that the BluOS Android app is working great on Chromebooks, so I can easily use that to control my MQA listening while waiting for everyone to get their ducks in a row with Bluesound/Roon MQA integration.

Come on Roon!

The n10 is a completely different product. It won’t run RoonServer at all.

I’ve seen the Nucleus available for sale on a couple of websites. Have shipments to dealers and/or customers begun, and has anyone actually received one yet? Thanks!

they are preparing, but nothing has shipped yet.

Thank you, Danny. Much obliged. All the best to a successful launch!

Will these make it to dealers in time for Christmas?

I hope so! Trying our hardest!

I’m eager to place my order, but I think my dealer is in the dark as much as I am.

you arent in the dark because we havent told you guys anything… you are in the dark because there is no real news until they ship!

we arent going to delay … as soon as they are shipping, everyone will know!

Seems a bit contradictory “you arent in the dark because we havent told you guys anything

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You are reading half the sentence and then swapping a clause in that fragment for an equivalent:

you aren’t X because of X

When it was meant to be read as a complete sentence:

you aren’t X because of Y, you are X because of Z.

the full sentence makes more sense… but I can rephrase it to be more clear:

Don’t worry about being in the dark (FoMO), you aren’t missing any important information due to missed or bad communication. There is no communication to be had right now. When it comes, you will all know!

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Guess you’ve not spoken to any dealers as I have. They really don’t know anything more than we about availability, nor anything more than we about the particulars of what constitutes a Nucleus. The folks at MusicDirect only have a few SKU’s in their system, and a picture in their hard copy catalog (nothing online at all). A stand-in for what’s coming. Certainly would be helpful to have more for planning purposes, beyond expected costs.

Ok, no worries :+1:

We have our demo and putting it through the paces!

I touched one today at one of my audio dealers. Do I win a prize?

Yes! you have won 1 nucleus!


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